Tania grew up in coastal, rural Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 2004. Tania has +10 year Graphic Design experience and in 2015 she studied Web Dev full time. Stemming from an artistic family, Tania always knew she was going to work in the creative field.

These days she loves creating beautiful, functional designs across digital and traditional channels and has a diverse transferrable skill set. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge is refreshing and keeps her on her toes. Tania likes keeping up with current trends by listening to podcasts, seminars such as Semi-Permanent, reading online publications, social media, open source education such as Lynda.com

Tania is a passionate drawer and illustrator. She uses various mediums such as pen or pencil on paper, water colour on paper or just Illustrator or Photoshop or mixed mediums of all of the above. Tania is a greeny and truly care about our planet, its resources and the future of our children (even though she has none). She’s an aspiring Master Cook and an enthusiastic baker.